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The first season

The PanteraPosted by Erik Bodin-Ek Sun, February 27, 2011 05:33PM

It is a DeTomaso Pantera from -72, imported from California in the late eighties and purchased by us in the winter of 2001.
The car was in almost in original condition apart from the nonstandard American rims that can be seen on the following image. The car had never been renovated and was in good original / working order.

The weight of the rims was substantial, the rear wheels were difficult to lift by yourself, although in the dimension 295/50 -15, so the hunt for the original magnesium wheels began immediately. While there are still new, original rims to buy the price of 15000kr per rear wheel makes it less appealing to buy new ones.

Some renovations and upgrades were made before the summer of 2001, which among other things were changeing the master brake cylinder, the renovation of the steering rack and checking the car in general.

The car was used extensively during the summer with both track days at Kinnekulle ring, street race in Norrtälje and drag racing at Tullinge Raceway witha quarter mile time of 13.633 i.e. alot of grunt in the original 351 Cleveland V8 with holly carburetor. The picture below is from this event.

When the autumn came plans were drawn up to change the engine to a V8 BMW (M60B40) plus several other modification to the car which was put on jack stands and disassembled.

The car was suppose to be ready by spring 2002 but like almost all projects the deadline was exceeded a bit. It took until the summer of 2005 before the Pantera was back on the road again.

Below is a picture of the car in its present state.