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The beginning of the project!

The PanteraPosted by Erik Bodin-Ek Thu, April 07, 2011 01:52PM

The car was taken apart and thoroughly inspected.

The hole frame was checked inside with optical fibers and we concluded that we had managed to fine a well preserved example with little rust.

It is one of the most important things to check if the car is free from rust when buying a Pantera and a rust free car can be expensive and hard to find. The cars chassis is in fact a monocoque comprised of many steel sheets welded together i.e. very susceptible to rust.

The only place we found rust was in the compartment in front of the left rear wheel. This had occurred because of a little gap between the body and the forward facing wheel arch which allowed road dirt to collect inside the body.

This was fixed by a very competent body work specialist who removed all affected part and replaced it with hand fabricated steel sheet. We modified the wheel arch so it would not happen again.

The Pantera is an interesting car in the way that it is fairly common to exchange engine in them. I have seen several different engine configurations in the car, for example: windsors, Chevy and Ford small and big blocks, more modern Ford 4-valve engines and even Chrysler hemis and last but not least Carapis Pantera with a big block chevy engine which won several “Swedens fastest roadcar” awards during the nineties and still holds the official "Swedish land speed record".

The engine we chose was the BMW v8 M60B40 seen in the picture below, one was purchased in the late nineties for another project but it did not work out so when we acquired the Pantera in -01 the plans was drawn up for the exchange.